Uniform & Equipment Funding Competition

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Angel City Derby is a 501(c)3 Non Profit group of nearly 200 dedicated athletes and volunteers who have come together in a grass-roots effort to organize a member-driven and operated roller derby league for girls (7-17) and adult women (18+). We continually raise money to support our programs and create a safe, inclusive, and fun space for all girls and women. The opportunity to receive additional funding is both rare and exciting when it comes along!

We are a group of female athletes of all ages (now in our 10th season) who have come together purely out of love of the sport and desire to encourage female driven athletics. ACDG has 5 competitive adults teams, 8 levels of adult skaters, a growing juniors program of young ladies ages 7-17, an officials crew to assure skaters are abiding by the rules and of course countless volunteers.

The Hollywood Scarlets, ACDG’s Charter team is currently ranked 5th in the world, out of nearly 400 competing leagues, worldwide. As you can imagine, competing at such a high level requires a lot of training, traveling and all the expenses that come with being a high level competitive team such as keeping and maintaining our gear functioning and safe. Roller derby is a fast-paced, full contact sport, and keeping a proper uniform and gear are essential in preventing injury and keeping our girls where they are happiest, skating on the track playing roller derby.

ACDG is proud to have a diverse body of members from all walks of life, including students, parents, social workers, freelance professionals, and more that may find it difficult to afford the extra expense competing in the sport they love. Winning $1,000.00 worth of equipment or uniforms from Allstarslots would be an incredible benefit to the athletes in ACDG who incur great costs to play the sport they love.

The funding would help our league either obtain new exercise equipment for training (as everyone that plays competitive sports knows, you exercise to play not play to exercise!) or updated uniforms for our teams so all our skaters can proudly represent ACDG. Most importantly, a generous grant of this nature would alleviate financial stress for our hardworking players, and keep our skaters focused on awesome things like bringing the Championship Trophy (the Hydra) home to Los Angeles!

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