The Ultimate ACDG FAQ

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Everything you ever wanted to know but didn’t know who to ask

by Rachel Rotten

Ok, so we’re 4 games into the ACDG 2011 home season. You’ve seen some great roller derby. Maybe this is your first time, or maybe you’ve seen another league play. Either way, you’re a fan… But you have some questions. Questions about the league, the teams, the skaters, rankings in the WFTDA (wtf, right?), and heck, the game itself!  


As the head of marketing for the Angel City Derby Girls, not only do I get lots and lots of questions from the press and media about our league, but from the fans too!  So I decided that it’s pretty important to take a moment to break down some information for anyone curious enough to read this.

First off, I see that the VIP ticket is more expensive that the GA ticket. What’s the difference? Why should I get VIP? And why should I buy pre-sale?

VIP is roped off and reserved. If you purchase a VIP ticket, you’re guaranteed a seat in the first 5 rows, which are closest to the action and the best seats in the house!

GA presale tickets allow ticket holders early entrance to get the best seat possible.  We usually sell out pre-sale tickets and tickets purchased at the door are usually limited to balcony seating.  Most of our fans love to be close to the action so it all depends on where you want to sit!  And remember; buy early because we sell out!  The only guarantee that you’ll get a ticket is to buy it in advance.

We are so pleased and proud to announce that starting at our June 18th Double Header, we will be selling BEER AND WINE to our 21+ fans at our games!! We know it has been a long time coming! We have been tirelessly working through all of the paperwork, permits, licenses, security, meetings etc. to make this happen! We love beer and sports together, and now you can cheers your friends during every POWERJAM!  
Please, please remember to bring your ID if you want to drink on site. You absolutely must be 21+, we will have security and police on site, so that means no underage shenanigans! We can pour you an apple juice if you want to look cool with the big kids…it looks just like beer, we swear. 

I’ve seen a “Home Game” and I’ve seen the Scarlets or the Rocket Queens play.  There’s lots of overlap, and some faces I’ve never seen. What’s that all about?

ACDG’s A-team is the Hollywood Scarlets, and the B-team is the Rocket Queens.  These teams play teams from all over the western region! That’s why you got to see them take on the Sac City Rollers from Sacramento, the Bakersfield Diamond Divas, and maybe you drove out to see them take on the Prison City Derby Dames an hour away in Corona, and later this season you’ll see them take on the Central Coast Roller Derby from Paso Robles, Santa Cruz Derby Girls, and V-Town Derby Dames from Visalia.

Angel City also has a Subpool for its up-and-coming skaters.  These skaters play in our Home Games.  During these games the newer skaters are broken up in to two teams with some of your favorite vets.  These games are the bleeding edge for new talent and tomorrow’s roller derby stars!

Also notable, in addition to the Scarlets, Queens, and Subpool, who you can see on our website, we also have a “Fresh Meat” link.  These girls are in training right now, and you’ll see them on the track soon! In addition to this group of girls, we have an aggressive group of new recruits that are skating weekly so that they too can earn a spot in our next group of Fresh Meat and someday be full-fledged derby girls!

Ok, I get it now! So now back to those confusing rules…

Here’s the link to the video that we play at the beginning of the game!  Maybe you can’t hear it, or it goes by too fast to remember everything. So here you go, watch and learn!

Cool! So what’s the secret to watching and enjoying the action in the game?

The WFTDA has a GREAT guide to watching a game. Read it HERE!

It’s also definitely worth reading their Frequently Asked Questions!

HOLD UP A SECOND! What is this WFTDA you speak of?

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is the governing body for women’s flat track roller derby, and a membership organization for the leagues to collaborate and network. The organization created and maintained the first standardized rule set for the flat track game, which is now in its fourth edition. The WFTDA also serves as the sanctioning body for flat track roller derby games, hosts regional and national tournaments, sets safety standards, provides roller derby insurance to athletes and leagues, and serves as a networking venue for flat track roller derby leagues to share resources and get advice. There are currently 109 WFTDA member leagues.

Regional and National Tournaments? COOL! Does ACDG play in these?

Absolutely! Our top skaters, the Hollywood Scarlets, play our WFTDA sanctioned games and their game play determines where we rank in the Western Region and Nationally!
WFTDA has divided its leagues into 4 regions- the Western, Eastern, North Central and South Central.  Each region has a tournament in the Fall for its top 10 teams, and the top 3 teams from that tournament go on to the Championships in November! Like the Superbowl, Regionals and then Championships are in a different city every year.

The Scarlets just came home from Dust Devil in Tucson at the beginning of April, a WFTDA sanctioned tournament featuring teams from all over the US…and we placed THIRD! Amazing stuff right there, people!

How exciting! Where does ACDG/the Scarlets rank right now?

We’re currently ranked number 10 in the West, and if we can hold on to that position or move up, then we will be competing in the Regional tournament this fall in Portland, OR! 

How do you guys get to these tournaments?

FUNDRAISING!  We have fundraising goals each year that we must meet in order to procure travel arrangements for the girls to get to away games and tournaments. ANY support you can give us at our fundraisers goes directly into keeping ACDG awesome and relevant in the world of derby!

Wait…so you guys aren’t paid to play?

NOPE!  We’re completely volunteer run and every penny the league makes at games gets dumped right back into the league.  We pay monthly dues to help cover the cost of our private practice space (it’s like a gym membership with no contract and more awesome!), and we use the money from games to cover the cost of having public games, and to promote the league to grow our fan base and turn more people on to the amazing sport of Roller Derby.  
We do this because we love this sport, and we believe in it. We hope you’ll believe in it too, and join us on this awesome journey and we rock and roll on the track!   

I’ve heard skaters mention “The Ascot”…what the heck is that?

The Ascot is our top-secret headquarters! Okay, it’s not really TOP secret, but it’s our private warehouse where the magic of roller derby happens, this is where we train 7 days a week to get more and more awesome for every game.

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