The Battle of ACDG Beer Olympics

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by Killa Nois

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.” After months and months of vigorous training, seven teams came together on The 27th of August, 2011 AD to battle for the highest title in drinking history.  Twas the battle of Angel City Derby Girl’s Beer Olympics!! People gathered far and wide to cheer on their favorite team.  Once the sun reached its highest peak, the teams were announced and the tournament was underway. 

The seven teams, dressed to represent their given country, went head-to-head in modern day Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Beer Bong, and Wheel Barrow Racing.  Team Ireland and Team USA were the clear front-runners with Team Canada and Team France hot on their heels.  This was no ordinary competition.  The athletes cheered on their teammates and heckled their opponents.  

As the games progressed, the toga-infused referees handed out penalties left and right.  The teams grew more competitive.  It was clear that Afghanistan and Mexico were too far behind to catch up so they instead entertained the crowd with their amazing heckling and humor. 

Spirits were high as the fight to the finish was drawing near.  It was no surprise that the Gold was between Ireland and USA.  With a mere 20 pt lead, Ireland came out victorious! USA nobly took silver, while France held on to Bronze.  Canada, Afghanistan, Tonga, and Mexico graciously congratulated their victors.  Everyone involved was a winner at the end of the day though the true winner was Shiv for hosting yet another spectacular fundraiser for Angel City Derby Girls.  

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