Tenth in the West!

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by Red D. 2Riot

The Hollywood Scarlets, Los Angeles’ WFTDA representation for the US, is on track to head to Western Regionals this year. “We are currently 10th in the West,” says Go-Go Gidget, Captain of the Scarlets. “We are one win away from going to the tournament.” This win will have to be against the Silicon Valley Roller Girls in an exciting bout coming up June 11th – on SVRG home turf. (A rematch from the Dust Devil, none-the-less, so SVRG will be out to even the score.)  


The Scarlets missed going to Regionals last year and being so close to going this year has them blasting up their game to solidify their spot in the line up… and playing great derby once they are there. “I am not sure who we will play,” says Go-Go, “but I guarantee you that the Scarlets will be prepared. We will go and play with respect for our teammates and our opponents. The Hollywood Scarlets aim to be the most positive and competitive representation that we can for our beloved ACDG.” Go get’em ladies! SVRG beware!  

WFTDA Rankings 


1 Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

2 Oly Rollers

3 Denver Roller Dolls

4 B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls

5 Rose City Rollers

6 Rat City Rollergirls

7 Jet City Rollergirls

8 Sacred City Derby Girls

9 Tucson Roller Derby

10 Angel City Derby Girls

11 Silicon Valley Roller Girls

12 Emerald City Rollergirls

13 Slaughter County Roller Vixons

14 Bellingham Roller Betties

15 Arizona Roller Derby

16 Santa Cruz Derby Girls

17 Pikes Peak Derby Dames

18 Central Coast Roller Derby

19 Sin City Rollergirls

20 Lava City Roller Dolls

21 Pacific Roller Derby

22 Slaughterhouse Derby Girls

23 FoCo Girls Gone Derby


1 Gotham Girls Roller Derby

2 Philly

3 Charm City Roller Girls

4 Boston Derby Dames

5 Montreal Roller Derby

6 Steel City Derby Demons

7 Carolina Rollergirls

8 Dutchland Derby Rollers

9 Maine Roller Derby

10 Providence Roller Derby

11 DC Rollergirls

12 Suburbia Roller Derby

13 Dominion Derby Girls

14 CT RollerGirls

15 Harrisburg Area Roller Derby

16 River City Rollergirls

17 Queen City Roller Girls

18 Long Island Roller Rebels

19 Garden State Roller Girls

South Central


1 KC Roller Warriors

2 Texas Rollergirls

3 Nashville Rollergirls

4 Houston Roller Derby

5 Atlanta Rollergirls

6 No Coast Derby Girls

7 Tampa Bay Derby Darlins

8 Omaha Roller Girls

9 Green Country Roller Girls

10 Dallas Derby Devils

11 Memphis Roller Derby

12 Hard Knox Roller Girls

13 Gold Coast Derby Grrls

14 Tallahassee Rollergirls

15 Duke City Derby

16 Northwest Arkansas Rollergirls

17 Oklahoma Victory Dolls

18 Big Easy Rollergirls

19 Dixie Derby Girls

20 ICT Rollergirls

21 Assassination City Derby

22 West Texas Roller Dollz

23 Alamo City Rollergirls

24 Spindletop Rollergirls

North Central

1 Windy City Rollers

2 Minnesota Rollergirls

3 Detroit Derby Girls

4 Mad Rollin’ Dolls

5 Cincinnati Rollergirls

6 Naptown Rollergirls

7 North Star Roller Girls

8 Brewcity Bruisers

9 Chicago Outfit, The

10 Arch Rival Roller Girls

11 Ohio Roller Girls

12 Fort Wayne Derby Girls

13 Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls

14 Grand Raggidy Roller Girls

15 Burning River Roller Girls

16 Sioux Falls Roller Dollz

17 Derby City Rollergirls

18 Paper Valley Roller Girls

19 Hammer City Roller Girls

20 Roller Girls of Southern Indiana

21 Fox Cityz Foxz   

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