Skater of the Month May – Shunami Bomb

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In just over a year, Shunami Bomb has taken ACDG and roller derby by storm. Jumping right into the deep end, she has worked incredibly hard to quickly rise through the skating ranks to become a member of the undefeated Rocket Queens. Additionally, she has become co-head of our Marketing department, been an integral force in creation of our new A/V Club to create innovative video advertising and content for the league, as well as becoming a beacon of awesomeness by joining our fabulous Training department in shaping our future skaters.

Shu’s humor, enthusiasm and dedication is palpable and contagious; she’s so funny she’ll make you laugh until you cry! ACDG is a better place with her in it. She is our Skater of the Month for May, congratulations and well deserved!!! POP! POP!

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