September Poster Feature: Shunami Bomb

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Our September poster features 3 AWESOME skaters from The Rocket Queens: Shunami Bomb, Bubble Vicious and A-Lotta Backside! We asked them to interview each other so you could all get to know them a little better before you see them rock the track; check it out the first feature of Backside interviewing SHU!!

Backside: Who do you admire most in roller derby and why?

Shu: I tend to admire those skaters closets to me because I know what their life is like on and off the track. I find Miss Btrain to be a magician. She owns her own business, is a great skater, has had to overcome injuries and yet still finds time to teach me how to skate backwards. And the always graceful Booty Ninja. She’s a wonderful mother and drives hours to practice with ACDG every week. She cross trains like a fiend to stay in shape and always has a smile and a hug for me when I see her. Also she does a MEAN humpty dance.

Backside: If you could skate on one surface and one surface only for the rest of time what would it be?

Shu: I actually really like skating on concrete. It’s what we basically practice on and I’ve gotten really use to it. Sport court basically rips my shin splints from my bones and skate rinks usually are too sticky and makes me feel like I’m skating through mud. I’m also not a gear head so I never bring the right wheels and end up freaking out about skating on the wrong ones halfway through warmups. I get real dramatic about it.

Backside: Taking derby out of the equation, what in your life is most important to you

Shu: Mr. Shunami would like me to say him, but really is spending time with my friends and family. Everyone who knows anything about me know I spend most of my free time with my dog, Billy… who wants nothing more that to nap 24 hours a day. But my good friends know I like nothing more than to sit around my living room with a beer and a c list horror movie and discuss the latest bad gossip.

Backside: Something (s) about you people don’t really know.

Shu: I really don’t like telling people this because I feel like one day it will be used against me… But I am terrified most of the day. Let me rephrase, most of the night. I cant fold laundry next to my bedside because I think a bloody clown is going to grab my ankles from under the bed. I freeze in the middle of a room if I have forgotten to close the blinds before dusk because I am haunted by a little girl standing in a white dress outside my window. I cant sleep with my feet tucked into a blanket because monsters will grab at my toes. I cannot camp or be anywhere around nature during nightfall because THAT is exactly how scary movies start. Oh the horror of it all. Laugh at me all you want but one time Missy Muerte scared me so bad in the car I did the following, in this order: Screamed for 2 mins straight, peed a little, and cried for a little more than 30 seconds.

Backside: Rapid fire!
Billy Idol or David Bowie? Bowie all the way.
Outie or innie? Innie!
Lefty or righty? Lefty. I was born a lefty but was FORCED to be a righty because lefties in Chinese tradition are bad luck. Jokes on them!
Cats or dogs? Chello… Dogs rule and cats drool… oh wait.
Favorite 90s movie? This is basically an impossible question to answer, but probably Billy Madison.
Favorite 90s album? Green Day’s Dookie.


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