September Poster Feature: Bubble Vicious

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Our September poster features 3 AWESOME skaters from The Rocket QueensShunami BombBubble Vicious and A-Lotta Backside! We asked them to interview each other so you could all get to know them a little better before you see them rock the track.

For our final skater feature for tomorrow night’s game, Shunami Bomb interviews the hilariously awesome Bubble Vicious! Do you have YOUR tickets yet?

Shu: How did you get your name what what does it mean to you?

Bubbles: Once upon a time, I met three wonderful girls early on in derby. My now derby wife DanZigZag, Mrs. Shunami Bomb and Ms. Diablo Codeine. We were inseparable!! Skating down the Venice strip quite often, we became quite close, Shu, already having a derby name told me that her husband, Ben always wanted Shu to be named Bubbles. In addition to my bubbly personality and bum, Bubbles was given to me by default. Bubbles???!!!?!!! That’s not a name to be scared of!! Didn’t matter. In the end we all decided Bubble Vicious it was;)

Shu: What was your most embarrassing moment in roller derby

Bubbles: Too many to choose from!!!! The whole team focused, listening to our coach, our warehouse quite during a meeting. When out of the blue, I fart so loud!!!! Some people died, many were injured. Need less to say, they expected where it came from!!

Shu: If you could have one superpower what would it be and what would your superhero name be? And who would play you if they ever made a movie about said superhero?

Bubbles: My one super power would be invincible strength. My name would be Butterfly Kisses.

Shu: Who is currently your ACDG crush and why?

Bubbles: Oh my, which crush shall I make public!??! Hmmmm I would say Booty Ninja for many reasons. One have you met her? Kind, caring, beautiful and damn good skater! Say has supported me through my journey back on the Queens and helllooooo!!!! Have you seen her BOOTY??

Shu: If something goes bump in the night, what do you automatically think it is? And why is it so scary?

Bubbles: If you knew me, you would be laughing pretty hard at this very moment. I perceive myself to be a tattooed hard shelled woman that “doesn’t mess around.” Hah, well in the face of danger I turn automatically to a scared little child that damn near wets herself. I love the adrenaline, hence Halloween time is my favorite. But when I comes down to the real deal, I just crumble. I automatically think if something goes bump in the night to be an intruder. But that’s not the half of it. Having two dogs at home, one time they jump off the bed running down the hallway barking bloody murder. What do I do you ask??? I jump out of bed and run in circles with hands in the air. Having my girlfriend just laughing it up, turns on the lights. Thank God it was just the neighborhood cat that decided to pass through our house. Because if it was a human, DEAD!! At least I would have been a goner!!


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