September Poster Feature: A-Lotta Backside

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Our September poster features 3 AWESOME skaters from The Rocket QueensShunami BombBubble Vicious and A-Lotta Backside! We asked them to interview each other so you could all get to know them a little better before you see them rock the track; check it out our second feature of Bubbles interviewing Backside!!

For the second part of our feature on our poster Queens for Saturday’s game, we bring you the lovely and talented Alotta Backside as interviewed by Bubbles! Read about her and be sure to purchase your tickets in advance for Saturday’s game!

Bubbles: Why did you start Roller derby?

Backside: I went to world on wheels for my birthday with my best friend “it just so happened” the new recruits were training. An amazing woman by the name of Rachel rotten saw my ostrich stance on the skate floor and was captivated. I asked over 10000 questions (none of which had answers) and never looked back. Derby definitely found me.

Bubbles: What kept you coming back?

Backside: I wanted that spot on the charter, badly.
I was so focused on that, I had blinders to everything else- including the amazing team that I was already on and The amazing league I was already a part of. Midseason I was cut from the Queens roster, and I share this because it was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my entire life. I had no choice but to force myself to answer the question why it is I keep coming back.
Being surrounded by amazing examples of what I want and being supported and trained to help me get there makes it easy. I now also try to not focus on the destination as much as what I’m learning and taking from my epic journey. I am so grateful to have earned my spot back.

Bubbles: Give us a brief description of a couple of your worst tattoo mistakes.

Backside: Should we start with the tribal tramp stop butterfly? Or how about the El Diablo Hello Kitty?

Bubbles: Would you rather fly or be invisible and why…

Backside: Fly definitely if I was invisible I’m pretty sure you’d still be able to hear me.

Bubbles: In three sentences, how would you describe the feelings that go through you when you skate on that track before the first whistle in a game?

Backside: I am one member of one team, whatever’s best for the team is what I’m going to do. Am I keeping my focus?
Do something that’s going to surprise them, team underdog for life.


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