2017 Scoreboard

DateOpponentLocationScoreCompeting Team
4 Nov 2017Rat City Rollergirls2017 WFTDA Championships: PhiladelphiaW 219-94Hollywood Scarlets
3 Nov 2017Minnesota Rollergirls2017 WFTDA Championships: PhiladelphiaW 281-144Hollywood Scarlets
3 Nov 2017Denver Roller Derby2017 WFTDA Championships: PhiladelphiaL 166-196Hollywood Scarlets
8 Oct 2017Atlanta Rollergirls: Rumble BsHostile TACOver 2017W 226-180Rocket Queens
7 Oct 2017Tampa Roller Derby: Bruise CrewHostile TACOver 2017W 286-87Rocket Queens
6 Oct 2017Gotham Girls Roller Derby: Wall Street TraitorsHostile TACOver 2017L 150-203Rocket Queens
6 Oct 2017Dallas Derby Devils: Battalion of DoomHostile TACOver 2017W 336-56Rocket Queens
3 Sep 2017Rose City Rollers2017 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: SeattleL 120-227Hollywood Scarlets
2 Sep 2017Rat City Rollergirls2017 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: SeattleW 224-142Hollywood Scarlets
1 Sep 2017Tampa Roller Derby2017 WFTDA D1 Playoffs: SeattleW 287-87Hollywood Scarlets
25 Jun 2017Rose City RollersHometown Throwdown 2017L 134-186Hollywood Scarlets
24 Jun 2017Texas RollergirlsHometown Throwdown 2017W 201-120Hollywood Scarlets
23 Jun 2017London RollergirlsHometown Throwdown 2017W 224-141Hollywood Scarlets
17 Jun 2017Denver Roller Derby: Bruising AltitudeRoyal Broil Tournament 2017W 195-119Rocket Queens
17 Jun 2017Rose City Rollers: Axles of AnnihilationRoyal Broil Tournament 2017L 94-213Rocket Queens
20 May 2017Unforgiven Roller GirlsAngel City Derby WarehouseL 149-161Shore Shots
20 May 2017Central California Area DerbyCulver Veterans AuditoriumTBDRoad Ragers
7 May 2017Denver Roller DerbyThe Big O 2017W 190-169Hollywood Scarlets
6 May 2017Victorian Roller Derby LeagueThe Big O 2017L 111-188Hollywood Scarlets
5 May 2017Arch Rival Roller DerbyThe Big O 2017W 212-112Hollywood Scarlets
5 May 2017Victorian Roller Derby League: Queen BeesThe Big O 2017L 152-260Rocket Queens
5 May 2017Rose City Rollers: Axles of AnnihilationThe Big O 2017L 127-233Rocket Queens
22 Apr 2017Arizona Roller DerbyAngel City Derby WarehouseW 462-46Hollywood Scarlets
22 Apr 2017Arizona Roller Derby: Phoenix RisingAngel City Derby WarehouseW 372-106Rocket Queens
8 Apr 2017Bay Area Derby: Berkeley ResistanceTinseltown Showdown 2017L 102-314Shore Shots
8 Apr 2017Bakersfield Diamond DivasTinseltown Showdown 2017L 115-119Shore Shots
8 Apr 2017San Fernando ValleyTinseltown Showdown 2017W 155-124Shore Shots
25 Mar 2017Wine Town Rollers: Grapes of WrathAngel City Derby WarehouseW 222-158Road Ragers
25 Mar 2017Beach Cities Roller DerbyCulver Veterans AuditoriumW 217-135Shore Shots


2016 Scoreboard

DateOpponentLocationScoreCompeting Team
5 Nov 2016Gotham Girls Roller Derby2016 WFTDA ChampionshipsL 168 - 197Hollywood Scarlets
4 Nov 2016Montréal Roller Derby2016 WFTDA ChampionshipsW 217 - 116Hollywood Scarlets
18 Sep 2016Victorian Roller Derby League2016 WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs VancouverL 140 - 143Hollywood Scarlets
17 Sep 2016Rat City Rollergirls2016 WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs VancouverW 256 - 64Hollywood Scarlets
16 Sep 2016Sacred City Derby Girls2016 WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs VancouverW 602 - 45Hollywood Scarlets
6 Aug 2016Bakersfield Diamond DivasAngel City Derby WarehouseW 120-116Shore Shots
6 Aug 2016Bakersfield Diamond DivasAngel City Derby HeadquartersW 120 - 116Shore Shots
6 Aug 2016Pacific Coast Recycled RollersAngel City Derby HeadquartersW 476 - 49Rocket Queens
12 Jun 2016Sacred City Derby Girls: Disciples2016 Pac DestructionW 371 - 85Rocket Queens
12 Jun 2016Bay Area Derby2016 Pac DestructionW 226 - 92Hollywood Scarlets
10 Jun 2016San Diego Roller Derby: Bandettes2016 Pac DestructionW 333 - 54Rocket Queens
10 Jun 2016Terminal City Roller Girls2016 Pac DestructionW 252 - 69Hollywood Scarlets
4 Jun 2016Sac City Rollers: Folsom Prison BruisersAt Sac City RollersL 165 - 240Road Ragers
22 May 2016Rose City Rollers: Axles of Annihilation2016 Hometown ThrowdownL 155 - 229Rocket Queens
21 May 2016Rat City Rollergirls: Rain of Terror2016 Hometown ThrowdownL 113 - 180Rocket Queens
21 May 2016Rose City Rollers2016 Hometown ThrowdownL 155 - 206Hollywood Scarlets
20 May 2016Rat City Rollergirls2016 Hometown ThrowdownL 142 - 148Hollywood Scarlets
14 May 2016Bakersfield Diamond DivasAngel City Derby HeadquartersW 192 - 120Shore Shots
1 May 2016Victorian Roller Derby League2016 The Big OL 94 - 183Hollywood Scarlets
30 Apr 2016Texas Rollergirls: Firing Squad2016 The Big OL 114 - 181Rocket Queens
30 Apr 2016Texas Rollergirls2016 The Big OW 145 - 63Hollywood Scarlets
29 Apr 2016Denver Roller Derby: Bruising Altitude2016 The Big OL 162 - 230Rocket Queens
29 Apr 2016Victorian Roller Derby League: Queen Bees2016 The Big OL 107 - 186Rocket Queens
29 Apr 2016Denver Roller Derby2016 The Big OW 214 - 81Hollywood Scarlets
23 Apr 2016Bakersfield Diamond Divas: Rough CutsAngel City Derby HeadquartersW 150 - 147Road Ragers
16 Apr 2016Bay Area Derby: Berkeley Resistance2016 Tinseltown ShowdownL 81 - 262Shore Shots
15 Apr 2016San Diego Roller Derby: Bandettes2016 Tinseltown Showdown08:00 amShore Shots
26 Mar 2016SoCal DerbyAngel City Derby HeadquartersL 187 - 197Shore Shots
13 Mar 2016Cherry City Derby GirlsACD HQW 614 - 0Hollywood Scarlets
20 Feb 2016San Fernando ValleyCulver City Veterans AuditoriumW 278 - 150Rocket Queens