Scarlets Squash Sacred Rivalry, 243-139

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By Genevieve Berrick

On a smog-skied spring evening in Los Angeles, a long and tense rivalry was finally and emphatically put to rest. Yes, that’s right, Sacred City Derby Girls’s Sacrificers played our very own Angel City’s Hollywood Scarlets, for the first time in our home bouting venue, Culver’s very own Veterans Auditorium. And only one team emerged with an impressive win. Who was it?

Well, the bout started strong and fast, just as it meant to continue. ACDG pulled out all the stops from the very beginning, displaying the solid teamwork and defensive play coupled with key assists to jammers, and simply stellar and unstoppable jams that we are really starting to expect from them this season. Not even the combined and familiar faces of SCDG’s The 4closer, or Colt 45 could put enough points on the board. One single lead shift in the beginning 10 minutes wasn’t going to be enough for the Sacrificers, as Chinese Cheker and Sarah Lang landed beautifully legal hard hit after hit, forcing the SCDG jammers to create their own penalties, and giving ACDG several handy powerjams. Duchess von Damn repeatedly and almost miraculously seemed to be in the right spot at the right time to sneak the Scarlets jammer through to add point after point. Half-time whistle put the score at 103:60 in ACDG’s favor. And the Sacrificers weren’t about to even up.

Ghetto Fabulez was back in fine form back in her first game from the injury that had kept her from this very game last year, at Western Regional playoffs. But it really was the combined forces of Mickispeedia, Cris Affliction and the stellar Chica-Go-Lightening that continued to add point after point to the Angel City scoreboard. It was after SCDG’s Skirt Vonna-Gut managed to put herself, and the jammer star, back in the penalty box for yet another jam in a row that the mounting pressure the Sacrificers were visibly feeling finally hit. She stood and wept for those last seconds in the box, with the comforting arm of Duchess around her. It was at that point that it became clear that even the repeated trips to the box ACDG’s blockers were having wouldn’t take the bout from them, and they just kept scoring to finally land an emphatic 243:139 win.

This season sure looks to be turning our very own Hollywood Scarlets into the team to watch, as they blaze their way towards the WFTDA Playoffs! Well done ladies, and thank you to Sacred City who made this rivalry worth watching!

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