Rocket Queens win and remain undefeated!

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by Rachel Rotten

In another nail-bitingly close game, the Rocket Queens squeaked out a victory against our neighbors to the near east, the Prison City Derby Dames.

The Queens were met by a hard-hitting team of veteran skaters that took a healthy lead early on, but after taking some time to regroup and focus on strategy, they were able to slowly close the gap until the score in the final jam was 104-104…A TIE GAME!!

In Roller Derby, a tied game at the end of the clock results in one final 2 minute jam where the scoring begins IMMEDIATELY- no initial pass is required, no lead jammer is called, and no one can call off the clock.  It is up to the jammers to score as many points in that 2 minutes as possible to win the game!

For the final jam, Rosie Bottom once again put on the Star for the Queens and lead us to victory- scoring an incredible 18 points in 2 minutes, closing the game at 122-109!

The Rocket Queens are now 2-0… UNDEFEATED!
Keep up the amazing work, ladies! POP POP!

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