Rocket Queens vs West Coast Derby Knockouts

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by Killa Nois

It has been the year of Angel City Derby Girls, with a little help from the Rocket Queens.  The fearless B Team finished their season with a strong win against West Coast Derby Knockouts.  After a fierce battle, the Queens came out on top with a score of 190-92.

The fight to the finish was no easy feat, as The Rocket Queens were down in points throughout the first half.  The West Coast gals were named “Knockouts” for a reason.  With their big hits and ability to distract, the Queens were left frazzled.  At halftime, spirits were beginning to break.  Thanks to their captain, Rachel Rotten, the girls in purple took their positions ready to play THEIR game.  Strong pivots like Reno Revolver and Pearl Neckslash were in control of the entire pack forcing the Knockouts to fall in line.   Able jammers like Rosie Bottom and Killa Nois were able to pick up BIG points thanks to the purple pack’s smart strategy and quick thinking. 

After winning against West Coast, The Rocket Queens finished their 2011 season completely undefeated. Following in their A Team’s footsteps, The Rocket Queens are a force to be reckoned with.  

Bring it on 2012!

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