Rocket Queens vs SDDD Hard Corps

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by Iron Mandy

The Rising Stars dominant performance set a high roller derby standard for the night, and the fan favorite Rocket Queens rose to the challenge.  In the main event of an amazing double header, the undefeated Queens were determined to continue their winning ways.

The San Diego Derby Dolls’ Hard Corps put up a tough fight but simply couldn’t solve the problem of the Queens’ solid defense.  Blockers like A-lotta Backside and Selacidal worked with strong packs to keep Corps’ points to a minimum, and strong pack awareness allowed VaVaVa Gina to assist her own jammers through the pack for multiple scoring passes. 

While the Rocket Queens’ blockers stymied the Hard Corps’ jammers and cleared paths for their own jammers, the Rocket Queens’ jammers took full advantage. Using their footwork, speed, and smarts the jammers poured on the points.  Octane Jane, new to roller derby and the Queens this season, impressed the crowd with her speed as she forced through the Hard Corps’ defense for some of the best jams of the night.  Killa Nois and (fan favorite) Bubble Vicious also had stand out jams and scored many of the Rocket Queens’ points.  At the end of the night, all of the Queens’ teamwork paid off with a final score of 250-69.

All in all, it was an amazing night for the Angel City Derby Girls.  The Rising Stars proved they have what it takes, and the Rocket Queens improved their winning streak with their 8th straight victory.  The future looks incredibly bright for ACDG!!!

Rocket Queens June 2012

Photo: Jon Cobb

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