Rocket Queens v. West Coast Derby Knockouts

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ACDG’s Rocket Queens took to the freeways and headed up to Ventura on December 1st for a rematch with the West Coast Derby Knockouts. WCDK had proven themselves a team to beat after ending the Rocket Queens’ undefeated season with a single point win in their matchup earlier this year.


WCDK Captain Geni Sydal made it clear from her game face and play that along with her teammate Gwen Tsunami, she was all in, frequently shifting her blockers into the path of oncoming Rocket Queens. Stormy Heather, DanZigZag, FilthyOne and Shunami Bomb were the stand-out jammers of the night, putting point after point on the board. Early in the first half, it seemed like the bout might be either side’s game as the lead went to first ACDG, then WCDK, and then shifted back to ACDG. By intermission, ACDG had pulled ahead to 98-56, a lead they maintained for the rest of the bout.

ACDG piled on the points rapidly, increasing the lead to 140 points to WCDK’s 84 and then 188 after a couple of key power jams with 10 minutes still on the clock. With only the last few minutes remaining, Sgt. BombHer landed the most impressive block of the night, getting an audible response from the audience. All that incredibly hard work on the track paid off for the Rocket Queens: the final score for the night was ACDG 235 to WCDK’s 105. Congratulations, ladies, on an incredible season closer!

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