Rocket Queens v. WCDK & Rising Stars Showcase

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On Saturday, September 29, the Rising Stars got the evening of derby action started in a Black v. White showcase bout that mixed up the rosters from last month’s matchup won by the Black Team.  White got off to a strong start by holding many of Black’s jammers behind strong walls that allowed White to maintain the lead for the first 20 minutes of the bout.   With seven minutes left on the clock, Black was able to rally and score points and gain the lead over White. White responded by putting themselves three points ahead of Black going into the final jam.  When the final whistle blew, the Black Team emerged victorious by a final score of 61 to 55.

The featured bout was the Rocket Queens hoping to continue their undefeated streak against the West Coast Derby Knockouts.  The Queens were able to score points early against WCDK’s defense, helping them jump out to a 25 point lead by the third jam.  WCDK, however, was able to mount a strong comeback and at halftime, were leading by a score of 79-69.  In the second half, the intense gameplay continued with WCDK leading for most of the half.  In the end, the bout came down to the final jam and despite the Queens’ valiant efforts, time ran out and the final score was 162 WCDK, 161 ACDG.  A resounding POP POP! for our magnificent Stars, Queens and the great game played by WCDK!

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