Road Ragers v. SFV Wipe Outs

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San Fernando Valley Roller Derby’s Wipe Outs hosted ACDG’s Road Ragers in their outdoor venue in North Hollywood on March 30 and game play was expected to be fierce between the two teams. Having the home court advantage, SFV maintained control during the first couple of jams but the Ragers soon rose to the challenge, rallying to a score of 73-14 by the 12 minute mark. By half time, the score was ACDG 93-SFV 46.  During the second half, SFV rallied in an effort to close the point gap but the Ragers held onto lead jammer status for jam after jam. The final jam, a face off between Ashley for the Ragers and Doogie Pounder for the Wipe Outs, made for a dramatic close to the match when SFV’s blockers were able to contain Ashley and Doogie was able to score 27 points, helping to finally break the 100 point mark for SFV and giving the spectators a good show. The final score was 192-120 in favor of the Road Ragers.  Thank you to SFV for being such magnificent hosts!

Photo Credit: Matthew Becker Photography

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