Rising Stars vs West Coast Derby Knockouts

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by iron Mandy

On Saturday night, Los Angeles witnessed the debut of the Angel City Derby Girls’ brand new C-team, the Rising Stars.  In the opening event of the night’s double header, the new Rising Stars didn’t disappoint.  As they faced off with  Ventura’s West Coast Derby Knockouts, the Stars team featured a few veteran skaters but mostly fresh faces.

After months of training, it was finally time to put their skills to the test.  Following a bit of a rocky start and a few lead changes, the Stars began to find their rhythm.  Jammers AC Slaughter and Stormy Heather racked up the points, while pivot Missy Muerte called the shots, and blockers Mia More and Betty Bolts dealt out the hits.

The Rising Stars quickly took the lead from the Knockouts and held on to it, dominating the scoreboard for most of the game. The final score was an impressive 216-53.  The Rising Stars have set the bar high with their debut game.  We can expect great things from this team!

Rising Stars June 2012

Photo:Shunami Bomb

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