Rising Stars vs. Ventura County Derby Darlins

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The Rising Stars took on the Ventura County Derby Darlins on July 21, 2012 at Freedom Park in Camarillo, California.  The heat was definitely on as our Rising Stars faced a challenge in their third outing as a team from VCDD’s talented C team skaters.  Using a strategy of maintaining both strong walls and excellent communication, the Rising Stars were able to effectively create opportunities to get their jammers through the VCDD blockers while keeping the VCDD jammers from making consistent scoring runs. The Stars started off the game with a strong lead and maintained it for the entire bout, showing confidence on the track and the fruits of all of their hard work in practice.  The final score: Stars 241 to VCDD’s 23.

Angel City’s C team is off to an excellent start, from their dominant debut at the June doubleheader to their impressive victory against VCDD. These ladies truly are Rising Stars!

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