Rising Stars Debut!

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Strong. Dedicated. Passionate. 

These are the qualities that it takes to join the ranks of the Angel City Derby Girls.  As the league has grown over the past two years, we are teeming with talent and bursting at the seams.   Now, finally, we are elated to debut a brand new team to regular ACDG season: the Rising Stars. 

On June 16, ACDG will host a Double Header at the Culver City Veterans Auditorium, and on this night, the Rising Stars will make a show-stopping debut as they take on neighbors to the north, the West Coast Derby Knockouts from Ventura!

These girls have been working for months on perfecting and learning the complex skills that roller derby requires, and are finally ready to show the world what they are made of.  We’ve put them to the test and pushed through endurance and skills training, derby 101 and scrimmaging, and we’re excited that in just a few short weeks they’ll finally land on the track, in front of fans, family and friends. We couldn’t be more proud. The Rising stars are eager to learn, quick to pick up skills, are truly in love with this sport, their energy is contagious and seeing them grow is an inspiration to every league member.   

We wish nothing but the best to our girls who have come a long way, this will be the first of many and marks an exciting new era for Angel City!  POP POP!

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