Power of the Pegasus PREVAILS!

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by B.A.D.

Magic was in the air on August 13th as the packed house watched in awe as the Hollywood Scarlets beat the SCDG Boardwalk Bombshells 157 – 60. It was apparent from the start that ACDG’s impeccable strategy, quick footwork, and seemingly endless endurance is a force to be reckoned with. Blockers like Brawl Stanley, Shiv and Ima Blowbya stood out with their intimidating walls and tough hits while jammers Ghetto FabuLez, Chica Go Lightning and poster-girl Black Star Heroine braved SCDG’s tough defensive skaters. Tyra Shanks, the little jammer that could, blew audiences away with her resilient strength and tough jamming. No matter who was on the track, one thing was for sure, the Hollywood Scarlets have their game down to a science and are a tight-knit team who know what it takes to play the game and play it well. As one of the biggest movers in the western region, ACDG’s Hollywood Scarlets are in it to win it and have something to prove and nothing to lose. 

Final Score: ACDG Hollywood Scarlets 157 – SCDG Boardwalk Bombshells 60!


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