Mike SumNoyz

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Mike SumNoyz
Penalty Tracker, Score Board Operator, Score Keeper, Whiteboard, Penalty Box Timer, Penalty Box Manager, Jam Timer, Lineup Tracker, Non-Skating Official, Head Non-Skating Official
Past Leagues
Freelanced in Southern California in 2012 and drops in all throughout Southern California since 2012
Current Team
2018, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2015, 2013

Tournaments Officiated: 2013 Tinseltown Showdown
2013 Battle for the Coast
2013 D2 Playoff, Des Moines
2013 D1 Playoff, Salem
2014 Battle for the Coast
2014 Pac Destruction
2014 Tinseltown Showdown
2014 D1 Sacramento
2014 D1 Salt Lake City
2014 WFTDA European Tournament, Malmö, Sweden
2015 Battle for the Coast
2015 Battle for the Coast
2015 Pac Destruction
2015 D2 Playoff, Cleveland
2016 Dust Devil
2015 D1 Playoff, Tucson
2016 D1 Playoff, Montréal, Canada
2016 D1 Playoff, Vancouver, Canada
2016 WFTDA Championships, Portland
2017 D1 Playoff, Seattle
Plus every RollerCon from 2012-2017

Awards Received: WFTDA Certified NSO, Level 2
NSO of the Year – Angel City Derby 2017
Official of the Year – Infinity Roller Derby 2017

Fun Fact: Lawyer with a full-time practice. Husband, father of two teenage boys.