Night of the Rolling Dead & Scarlets vs. Vendolls

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On the eve of October 27th as we neared Halloween, darkness fell across the land as team MJs took on team Zombies. This was an exposition bout showing off some of ACDG’s newest talent from the Rising Stars team. The Thriller bout is played with both teams in full costume, making the action that much more ghoulish and exciting. Melissa Baez of the Zombies played her first official bout that night, while the MJs said good-bye to two of their star players Juana Tease and Rage n’ Ribbons who will be joining the Rocket Queens. Zombies were up in the beginning, holding some really nice tight walls and great jamming skills from Alkali Mettle. In the end, however, it seemed that good may have won over evil as the strong four-walls, lesser number of penalties allowed for the Michael Jacksons to take their victory for the third year in a row. Once again a freakishly good time was had by all in the old rival battle between Zombies and MJ’s . 
By Meredith Blackburn   

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That very same evening the Hollywood Scarlets went up against Ventura County Derby Darlins in their last game of the 2012 season. The first half started with a lead for VCDD who had plenty of power james. Fifteen minutes in both teams were tied at 36-36 with new ACDG jammer, Mickispeedia, bringing the score to 47 – 36. Hard-hitting VCDD refused to let up, keeping a tight score through most of the first half. Going into the second half, the Scarlets were back with strong walls from Wilkins and Scait Riot with powerful blocking by Rachel Rotten and Duchess Von Damn. With way less penalties from the team as a whole than the first half, ACDG kept their lead the whole time. Veteran jammer, Chica Go Lightning, putting in a solid performance the entire game, posted a whopping 35 point jam to seal the deal. ACDG finished on top with a score of 276 – 156. Till next year, Scarlets. But don’t forget our Rocket Queen will take on No Town Roller Derby on Saturday, November 17. See you then!

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