Letting Go of the Rails

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by Red D. 2Riot

It is nearing that time again… time for our next graduation bout! Practices are a-flutter with anticipation and final training strategies. An exciting mix of girls will be facing off to hold their spots or secure new positions in the ranks of ACDG.


Fresh Meat 2 skater, Nefertitties is fired up for her very first bout. “I went through Fresh Meat twice and have really had the opportunity to build my skills. I am a lot stronger than when I started and I really want to make my derby sisters proud,” she says.  ” I am both equally excited and terrified for the bout, but I am really inspired by the ladies I train with and our amazing coaches. Never give up! I’m ready to roll!”


Fresh Meat 2 will be joined by veteran Rocket Queens and Subpooligans for the graduation bout you don’t want to miss! 


June 25th, 2011 

North Hollywood YMCA

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