Hollywood Scarlets, Westerns, GoGo Gidget and Ms. D'Fiant

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Sunday, September 25, 2011 marked the end of an era for the Hollywood Scarlets at the WFTDA West Region Playoffs.  The team made an incredibly strong showing at the Tournament coming in at the #10 spot and making an impressive showing against #5 Bay Area Derby Girls (70-229) and #7 Sacred City Derby Girls (111-136).  On Sunday, the ladies in Red & Gold upset the #9 spot from Tucson Roller Derby (212-139), an impressive feat against the talented team from Arizona.  

The win on Sunday was bittersweet though, as the girls convened to give hugs and high fives on an incredibly successful season,  our Co-Captain, GoGo Gidget, and pivot Ms. D’Fiant officially announced their retirement from roller derby.  These women have made incredible contributions to this league and to their team, and we are devastated to see them go, but they have had long and very fruitful derby careers. 

GoGo previously skated with No Coast Derby Girls in Lincoln, NE and founded the Omaha Rollergirls in Nebraska in 2005 before moving out to join Angel City in Los Angeles in 2007.  She has been skating for 6 and a half years.  GoGo is a talented aspiring filmmaker and plans to use her new-found “free” time to focus on her career and her art.  She has stated that after the end of this season she’ll still be involved with Angel City and provide bench coaching help as needed- to which we say, “PHEW!” because she is a genius on the bench! 

Ms. D’Fiant has been skating for 6 years and founded the Savannah Derby Devils in 2005 before moving to Los Angeles in 2006 with her husband Ben, taking only part of a season off when pregnant with her son Tucker.  Ms. D’Fiant plans to grow her family and continue to stay involved with the management of Angel City and give pivoting advice as needed, as well as continue to hold her position as Games Officer with the WFTDA.  Again, we say, “PHEW!” 

GoGo & D’Fiant, we love you both with all of our hearts and are indebted to what you’ve brought to our league- as leaders, teammates and as sisters. You are our family and it has been a privilege to share the track (and every other momentous occasion in our lives!) with you.  

Best of luck with filling your time with something you love more than roller derby (pffft!), we will support you in whatever you do for the rest of our lives!  

Your Angel City Derby Girls

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