Hollywood Scarlets vs. Wasatch Roller Derby

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On May 19, Wasatch Roller Derby of Salt Lake City, Utah traveled to Culver City to meet Angel City’s Hollywood Scarlets. Both teams were coming in strong off wins from their previous bouts. Wasatch’s Midnight Terror won by a less than 40 point margin against the Pikes Peak Derby Dames a month before, while the Scarlets battled a close game against Sacred City but pulled ahead for a 6 point win the previous week.  With close, tough wins in recent play, both Wasatch and Angel City were looking to walk away with a strong victory.


The first jam saw scoreless as Moonraker (WRD) and Ghetto Fabu-Lez (ACDG) battled it out for lead jammer position. Fifi Nomenon put the Scarlets on the board during the second jam, bringing the score to 0-4. Tyra Shanks took the track for the next jam for the Scarlets against Ali3 Kitt3n for Wasatch. A penalty sent Shanks to the box followed by ACDG pivot Krissy Krash which left the track wide open for Ali3 to take the lead for Wasatch, 9-4.  Penalties would prove to be an issue for the Scarlets for much of the first half and Wasatch would prevail at the half by a score of  75-65.


Penalty problems also plagued the Scarlets in the second half and as game play continued, the Scarlets scoring never caught up with Wasatch. Every jam saw at least two ACDG players out for penalties.  By the end of the 9th jam, Wasatch continued to hold onto their lead 129-81.  With three minutes left in game play and the score 145-112, Moonraker and Fifi met on the jam line. Fifi pulled ahead for lead jammer position and an illegal back block by Moonraker pulled her out for a penalty.  Fifi took the best advantage of her power jam for the full two minutes, narrowing the score to 145-128. With one minute left in the game, Ghetto took the line solo with Moonraker still in the box.   The crowd was electric at the sense of a Scarlets victory within reach. Wasatch blockers held strong while the Scarlets made way for Ghetto, whose valiant efforts and strong skating narrowed the scoring margin to 141-145. With 20 seconds left in the jam, Moonraker left the box, Ghetto called the end of the jam and the Scarlets admitted defeat against the Midnight Terror.


– Katie Homewrecker

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