Hollywood Scarlets vs Rat City Rollergirls’ All-Stars

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by Killa Nois

Following Saturday night’s successful double header, it was an eventful Sunday afternoon at the Angel City Derby Girls’ headquarters.  The Hollywood Scarlets (ranked 8th in the WFTDA West region), hosted Seattle’s Rat City All-Stars (5th in the West) in a closed WFTDA sanctioned bout.  This was the first bout ACDG has hosted at their practice facility, and the event went without a hitch!  Both teams had plenty to prove and were eager for a win.

During the first half the teams were well matched.  The Scarlets and All-Stars played similar strategies with good execution.  Jammers from both teams displayed poise and power as they maneuvered and muscled through solid walls of opposing blockers.  All-Stars’ blockers Hard Cora and Method of Madness were among the many making it physically grueling for the Scarlets’ jammers. The Scarlets’ blockers returned the favor; working together as a 4-wall to hold back the All-Stars’ jammers.  It was a low scoring first half as each team focused on defense.  The Scarlets gained momentum as Chica Go Lightning scored a number of points during a crucial power jam in their favor.  And the Scarlets were able to maintain the lead going into the half, 56-53.

The second half started with a power jam in favor of the All-Stars.  The Scarlets started strong, but lost two blockers to the box against a full pack for Rat City. The pack advantage made it easier for All-Stars’ jammer Jalapeño Business to pick up 20 points.  The Scarlets tried to regain control of the second half by rotating strong pivots, Shiv and Scait Riot, and agile jammers, Fifi Nomenon and Ghetto Fabu-lez.  Unfortunately for ACDG, minor penalties accrued in the first half began to take their toll, and the Scarlets were left with a consistently short pack.  The All-Stars were able to take advantage of the Scarlets’ short packs, and built a significant lead maintained by strong defense against the Scarlets’ jammers.  The Scarlets countered this strategy with a focus on offense and slowly picked up points.  Both teams worked tirelessly until the last whistle blew, and in the end, Rat City’s patient and controlled play prevailed as they won by a final score of 209-112.

The bout proved challenging and rewarding for both teams.  Angel City played a solid and strategic game and will learn all they can from this loss.  Specifically, the Scarlets will be working hard in the hopes of meeting the RCRG All-Stars again during the West Region Playoffs in September. 

Keep cheering for your Hollywood Scarlets as they continue to play at the highest level of roller derby.  These girls deserve a serious POP POP!

Hollywood Scarlets June 2012

Photo: Mia More

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