Hollywood Scarlets at Western Regionals 2012

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           Just a few short weeks ago, the West Region Playoffs, aptly titled the “Bay of Reckoning,” commenced in Richmond, California. The Hollywood Scarlets proudly fought to keep their hard earned title of 8thplace in the Western Region of women’s flat track roller derby.  Westerns are known throughout the derby community to be arguably the most competitive and exciting playoffs. Four of the five final placement bouts came down to the very last jam. Needless to say, this was an extremely exciting and nerve-racking weekend for both roller girls and fans alike!

        The Scarlets found themselves first facing off against Wasatch Roller Derby’s all-star team, Midnight Terror, a competitive up-and coming team from Salt Lake City, Utah, in the very first bout of the tournament on Friday morning, September 21st. This was not the first time these two teams encountered each other on the track. Earlier this year, Angel City hosted Wasatch Roller Derby in a bout that ended in a huge upset in Wasatch’s favor with them narrowly winning by only 4 points. The Scarlets were prepared this time around to take the win, but Wasatch did not go with out a fight.  Although ACDG maintained a strong lead through out, Wasatch trailed closely behind in a game that was anything but short on aggression, power jams, and organized cheering from fans on both squads.  The bout ended with a Scarlets’ victory 172-162 over Wasatch.

        The Scarlets then moved on to compete against the 1st place seeded team in the West, The Wheels of Justice of the Rose City Rollers. Angel City played an incredible game in the second bout of the quarterfinals against the team that was expected to crush them completely. It was one of many moments of the weekend that allowed ACDG to show their true colors and prove to the nation these women are a force to be reckoned with. Shining star jammers of the game, Fifi Nomenon and Chica Go Lightning showed off their agility and strength against all-star blockers from Rose City, such as Mercy, Joyride, and Mel Mangles.  After losing Fifi to injury in the second half the girls continued to fight the good fight but eventually lost to Rose City 194-147, a score much closer than anyone in the derby world might have expected.

        Angel City used the experience gained the day before to play a highly competitive game against the number five seeded team, Rocky Mountain Roller Girls, in a consolation bout on Saturday afternoon.  Early in the first period, lead changes hinted at Angel City taking Rocky Mountain’s place in Sunday’s fifth-seed playoff bout. Unfortunately, a penalty heavy end to the first period allowed Rocky Mountain to take back their lead by gaining momentum with a 48-0 scoring run, which ended up being almost the same point margin Rocky Mountain needed to win against the Scarlets.
        The Scarlets and their fans rallied themselves one last time for their final game of the tournament in which ACDG took on their archrivals, Sacred City Derby Girls, in a battle for 7th
 place on Sunday morning. Players on both teams fought tooth and nail for every point picked up. Snick-Her-Doodle and Shiv of ACDG gave a whole new meaning to containing the jammer during power jams against Angel city. Mickispeedia showed off her talents for things other than blocking when Angel City opened up their jammer rotation.  Rachel Rotten and Krissy Krash held a strong back wall ultimately picking off Sacred’s jammer and sending her to the penalty box. Though the Scarlets controlled most of the game with a solid lead, the pressure of penalties led to the demise of their control in the last 3 jams where Sacred took advantage and chipped away their lead.   In the final jam, Sacred had taken the lead by 7 point, but Angel City still had the opportunity to win if they could get lead jammer status to control the clock, and run 2 scoring passes.  Miraculously, Fifi Nomenon got lead while the Angel City defense held back Sacred’s jammer so Fifi could score while the crowd roared with excitement.  As Fifi rounded on her scoring pass, the Sacred jammer finally got out of the pack and emerged on her scoring pass as well, and all the Scarlets could do&
#10;was try to hold her back again for Fifi to score enough point to call it off to win the game. When she made it through the pack with only 8 seconds to spare and collapsed as the Scarlets leaped for joy as she called it off, the score adjustment went up on the board and the Scarlets discovered that they had come one point shy of victory and lost to Sacred City in a bout that ended with a final score of 147-146.

       The Scarlets did not leave the tournament empty handed, though, as their very own Fifi Nomenon was awarded West Region MVP Jammer! As Fifi later stated, this was a win for the whole team. The Scarlets may have left Westerns in the same place they went in, but they have grown as a team and individual players through this experience, and have rightfully gained much respect in a region filled with incredibly talented teams.

     Continue to follow our Scarlets as they play the highest level of roller derby and inspire future generations. Their charisma, style, sportsmanship, and athletic ability are truly unique to the City of Angels. Big things are coming in 2013!

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