Greased Lightning

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by Red D. 2Riot

Attention-grabbing, fun-loving and an epic rival that everyone can recognize. Hello! Grease Lightning! Pink Ladies versus the T-Birds in a musical battle of beauty and brawn. Ok, we’re not singing, but still!! Angel City Derby Girls play each other in a home game featuring our Subpooligans April 23rd

“Honestly, if it were up to me to pick boutfits,” says Missy Murder of Subpooligans, “the Pink Ladies would obviously be in short-as-can-be poodle skirts with tucked in pink shirts and the T-birds would be in plain white shirts with the sleeves rolled up, studded belts, cigarettes in their mouths, and a comb in their barely there jean short pockets.”

If that didn’t sell yah, then the fact that our team has upped its game! “We have been fine tuning everything… plow stops, positional blocking, transitioning, you name it, in preparation of this game,” says Missy. “I think you will see a lot of improvement from the Subpooligans since our graduation ‘Ready to Roll’ bout!”

So hold on to your hankies, we’ve got some intense roller derby coming your way! And BE COOL! Whether you are cheering for the Pink Ladies or the T-Birds… we’re all ACDG, so no one loses!

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