Get in Derby Girl Shape

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by Red D. 2Riot

People around the globe are taking action and getting in derby girl shape even though they may never set foot on a track… thanks to Roller Derby Workout Challenge.

“We started a yearly challenge in 2010,” says Go-Go Gidget, RDWC creator, “and it has doubled in size this year. I am really happy with the turnout.”

So what is the Challenge? An 8-week program of daily meals, workouts and homework assignments geared to help anyone become fit and healthy… for free!

“This all came about due to the huge popularity of the Roller Derby Workout video I produced in 2009,” says Go-Go. “In derby, we would skate at practice but we didn’t strength train. In order to avoid injury, you need to cross train… so a bunch of ACDG sisters got together and made the video.”

The program is geared towards the derby athlete, but was actually developed by the best of the best Hollywood stunt men and women.
And the response has been amazing!

“Eveyone was loving the video and asking when we were going to come out with another one, which is what led me to create the Challenge,” says Go-Go.

“Roller derby has always been a safe place for women of all shapes and sizes to be athletes. RDWC is an atmosphere that welcomes all and its ok to make successes and failures. We are here to support each other. Now, kids, men, whole families are reaping the benefits of getting into derby girl shape.”

Take a look for yourself! Join ACDG and the thousands of participants of the Roller Derby Workout Challenge!

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