Angel City Fit Club

Welcome to Angel City Fit Club! We will squat you!

What is Angel City Fit Club?
Angel City Fit Club is a training session, run by Above the Line Athletics. Above the Line is certified personal trainer and Hollywood Scarlets skater, Pearl Jam. Fit Club sessions are meant to provide a comfortable environment to learn from one another, ask questions, and try new things to help reach all of your individual fitness goals. Because Pearl Jam (PJ) is also a skater, the sessions are intended to focus on derby strength and overall muscle wellness for our sport!

Who can attend Angel City Fit Club?
Fit Club is open to the public. Any persons 18 years of age, or older may attend, but must sign a waiver upon arrival.
You don’t have to be a skater to attend! If you are a skater or love derby, then this is definitely for you, too!

When are practices held for Angel City Fit Club?
Practices are usually on:
Mon­days from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 7:30PM
**Days and Times Subject to Change**

What can I expect during practice?
Each session is included with a workout that you can customize to fit your needs and fitness goals. Each workout targets different muscles in the body, and can range from cross fit style workouts, to cardio inspired, or go at your own pace strength training, and more.

How much does it cost?
For non league members, the cost is $5/session. League members are free.
If you plan to attend a Sunday Skate session, the cost for both the workout and skate session is $15.

NOTE: Please bring exact cash or use Venmo. Trainers will not have change, but we also have a Venmo account for these drop-ins (@angelcityderby).

What is required?
Comfortable workout clothes, tennis shoes, and water bottle.

What else do I need to know?
Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to your first session so we can show you the ropes on your first day. If you aren’t a league member you’ll have to sign a waiver.

Contact PJ at for more info on sessions, and if you would like to be a league member and need more information, email