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February Angel of the Month – Brown Suga Babe!

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Sug wins blocker MVP

Photo by California Native Photography

Our February Angel of the Month is none other than the fabulous Brown Suga Babe!

B. Sug joined Angel City Derby in January 2019 as a transfer skater from Badfish Roller Derby. She’s a strong blocker on the Shore Shots and brings positive energy to her team and to the entire league.

sug is being braced, she is looking behind her

Photo by Tristan King Photography

Sug is not only a great leader within ACD, but a role model to the youth she works with on a daily basis. Her patience, creativity, and passion for the children she works with demonstrates a willingness to put others first. Her work ethic during practices and games speaks volumes of her character—she always shows up for her teammates.
Sug is a social butterfly, so it was no surprise when she took over our Angel Ambassador committee. The Ambassadors are responsible for organizing league bonding events, our holiday party, appreciation efforts, and homecoming recognitions. She recently lead planning our holiday party and awards ceremony, and it was awesome! From the amazing theme to the all night dancing, it was a memorable party for everyone! Sug has made huge strides with Angel Ambassadors to bring ACD members even closer.
Sug has her back to the camera but her eyes on the jammer

Photo by Tristan King Photography

sug is out of uniform, smiling

For this, we say THANK YOU Sug for all you do and continue to do for ACD!

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