Tinseltown Showdown 2015 – Day 2

  • Date:26 - Apr - 2015
  • Location:Angel City Warehouse
  • Event:Tinseltown Showdown - Day 2
    Scarlets, AZRD, Santa Cruz, Sacred City
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The Hollywood Scarlets are pleased to present the 3rd annual Tinseltown Showdown in Los Angeles!

In 2013, the Hollywood Scarlets set their sights on WFTDA Championships with an impressive run of wins at their first-ever Tinseltown Showdown invitational tournament that brought in teams from Milwaukee, Tampa and Houston to Los Angeles. In 2014, the Scarlets followed that up by kicking off their season with invites to the premiere teams from Vancouver, Denver and the Bay Area.

This year, the Scarlets will kick off their 2015 season with Tinseltown Showdown once again, this year limiting the tournament play to 2 days instead of 3, and featuring some of the best squads within a 6 hour radius of LA: Sacramento, Phoenix and Santa Cruz. Sacramento’s #55 ranked WFTDA league the Sacred City Derby Girls will bring their Sacrificers, Phoenix’s #35 ranked Arizona Roller Derby will bring the Tent City Terrors and #24 ranked Santa Cruz Derby Girls will bring their Boardwalk Bombshells.

Sunday Tinseltown Showdown Schedule:
12pm: Sacrificers (Sacramento) vs. Boardwalk Bombshells (Santa Cruz)
2pm: Tent City Terrors (Arizona) vs. Hollywood Scarlets
330-430pm BREAK
5pm: Tent City Terrors vs. Boardwalk Bombshells

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