PAC Destruction 2015 – Day 1

  • Date:12 - Jun - 2015
  • Location:ACDG Warehouse
  • Event:PAC Destruction 2015 - Day 1
    ACDG Shore Shots vs Rocky and Texas
  •  Day 1 Lottery

The second annual Pac Destruction is crashing into Los Angeles from June 12-14, 2015. This year’s participating leagues are Angel CIty Derby Girls, Texas Rollergirls, London Rollergirls and Rocky Mountain Roller Girls.

Day 1 brings the second-tier teams from the Texas Rollergirls (the Firing Squad) and Rocky Mountain Rollergirls (the Contenders) and ACDG’s regionally competitive Shore Shots will take turns playing each other to kick off the epic weekend of roller derby.

WFTDA sanctioned game play begins on Day 2 & Day 3 (June 13 & 14), featuring some of the best and brightest leagues of the top level of Division 1 WFTDA competition: Hollywood Scarlets (Angel City Derby Girls), Texecutioners (Texas Rollergirls), London Brawling (London Rollergirls), and the 5280 Fight Club (Rocky Mountain Rollergirls).

Friday Schedule:

Bout One – 4:30pm
Angel City Derby Girls Shore Shots vs Texas Rollergirls – The Firing Squad

Bout Two – 7:00pm
Texas Rollergirls – The Firing Squad vs Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Contenders

Bout Three – 9:30 pm
Angel City Derby Girls Shore Shots vs Rocky Mountain Rollergirls Contenders

Due to our very limited space at the warehouse, you must enter the lottery below to purchase a ticket for Friday, June 12. Only 20 spectator tickets will be available and only 1 entry per person for Friday, June 12. Duplicates will be deleted. No exceptions.

We understand the high demand for these games, and we regret that we cannot accommodate a larger crowd. We appreciate your understanding. We will be streaming it LIVE on

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