Double Victory at ACDG Double Header

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by Genevieve Berrick
The Sin City Rollergirls traveled all the way from Las Vegas to meet the Hollywood Scarlets on Saturday, June 15 for a showdown that displayed both teams at their absolute best.

The teams were defensively engaged from the start, frequently splitting the pack into almost two separate ones as each team’s blockers focused on keeping the opposing jammer from adding points to the scoreboard.  Sin City’s Force lived up to her name, showing that she really was a jamming and blocking force to be reckoned with and the Scarlets really shone, with the highest scoring jams and most technically engaged defensive play going to their team of wall-to-wall stars.  When the bout ended with a final score in favor of the Scarlets by 361-80, they proved once again that they well deserve the rapid climb they have earned this season in the WFTDA rankings. Sin City’s game play belied the large point differential and they finished the game with rousing cheers from the bench and the crowd, winning themselves some local fans with their showing against the Scarlets.

In the evening’s headline bout, the Rocket Queens played against the Inland Empire Derby Divas’ Inland Heat, providing fans with more spectacular derby action for the night.  It was a tense game from start to finish, punctuated by cheers from the IEDD bench as they rallied their spirits.  Inland Heat was quenched by the indomitable talents of the Rocket Queens, however, who pulled out every stop we have seen and been swept away by in tournament after tournament this year. Final score? 436-104 to the Rocket Queens.  The game play looked very different from the blowout that score implies as big hits and stellar jams were the name of the game, keeping everyone on their toes and the edge of their seats until the final whistle.

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