Camp Scarlet – June 30th & July 1st!

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Join us for 2 days of on and off skates training with some of the best roller derby skaters in Southern California!
Hosted by the Angel City Derby Girls’ all-star travel team, the Hollywood Scarlets!

Confirmed Instructors include:

B-Train     Breakfast     Duchess Von Damn     Shiv
  Fifi Nomenon     Ghetto Fabu-Lez     Killa Nois

Krissy Krash     Rachel Rotten     Scait Riot

Off Skate Classes include:
Skate maintenance
Strength and Endurance Training
On Skates Classes include: 
Strength and Endurance Training (all levels)
Working in pairs (Beg/Int)
Blocking Skills (All levels)
Positional Blocking and Containing (all levels)
How to avoid being a goat (all levels)
Footwork (Int/Adv)
Offensive Blocking (Int/Adv) 
…and much more!

Training Camp is open to all Female Skaters who can pass 
WFTDA minimum Skills found here:
Scrimmage for all levels on Sunday!

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