BOUT RECAPS: Rocket Queens v. Shasta Roller Derby / Shore Shots v. San Diego Derby Dolls Wildfires

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Rocket Queens v. Shasta Roller Derby / Shore Shots v. San Diego Derby Dolls Wildfires

On Saturday, March 22, the Rocket Queens took the track in the evening’s first matchup against Shasta Roller Derby to the enthusiastic support of their sister team, the Shore Shots, whose game was to follow. The Rocket Queens were all heart and energy in their game but the combined force of Shasta, led by former Angel City skater Betty Bolts, just couldn’t be beat. Even the jamming talents of Stormy Heather and Darby Dagger couldn’t pull them ahead. By the half, they were at Shasta 106 to the Queens’ 46 points.

Donna Diggler led much of the defense for the Queens, often re-engaging opposing jammers right up to the final yard line and paid for it as she fouled out of the game in the second period. New transfer Dee Lorean drove through packs like a sledgehammer but it was Shasta’s Kut-a-Vitch who could be seen making some split second play decisions as she jumped in from a hit to the outside, narrowly avoiding a track cut call by her recycling opposing blockers being called out of play.

In the end, Shasta’s hard hitting abilities and solid defense won out and our Rocket Queens couldn’t cover the difference in the final jam they bought themselves with their time out call in the final seconds of the game. The final score would be 176 for Shasta and 87 for the Rocket Queens.

The Shore Shots were up next against the Wildfires from the San Diego Derby Dolls. The Shots proved once again that fire can’t triumph against the deep blue sea as they took lead jammer status repeatedly through the combined talents of Erica Tremblay, Alkali Mettle and Filthy One, with significant contributions from Booty Ninja and JK Mauling. Those leads really paid off as the halftime score skyrocketed to 125 to 62 for the Shots.

Wildfire Slamurai displayed her years of derby experience, playing so game smart that a number of Shots were taken unaware by her talents. Shore Shot BubbleVicious delivered some heavy (and completely legal) hits on the Wildfires throughout the game, landing Boo Lala on the ground as she bounced right off her in such spectacular fashion that the crowd couldn’t help but express themselves about it.

Jammers Hartlyn! and Psycho Brahe took on the Shots and secured many a point but were repeatedly shut down by solid defensive walls and forced penalties. The Wildfires weren’t about to let the game go without a solid fight, staying focused and visibly determined right into the last minutes. In the end, the Shots were victorious, and finished our night on an Angel City high note with a final of 265-104.

Final Scores

ACDG Rocket Queens 87, Shasta Roller Derby 176

ACDG Shore Shots 265, SDDD Wildfires 104

Photo Credit: Carl Burdick

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