Angel of the Month September – Rachel Rotten

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September’s Angel of the Month has proven that being a standout is as much genetic as it is an individual’s drive and perseverance. Having joined in 2010 and quickly proven herself indispensable, Rachel Rotten is an athlete, leader and friend who is hard to forget.

Rachel has been an endlessly energetic ACDG league mate and leader from day one. She jumped right in to identify work to be done off the track as well as on, developing into a powerful skater to become a now long-standing Hollywood Scarlet. She is a passionate voice for the future of roller derby locally and globally, who took on the role of WFTDA sponsorship chairperson in order to help guide our governing body towards continued success and growth. It’s really no coincidence that Rachel Rotten is as valuable and loved by her team on the track as she is by her league and international community.

Rachel’s particular brand of behind-the-scenes hard work and no-nonsense approach frequently makes it difficult for the interested observer to properly understand what all it is that she does, and the true scope of her contributions. As head of marketing for the league, member of the ACDG leadership panel and a key WFTDA go-to person, among so many other attributes and skills, Rotten is an efficient, inspiring and organized face of roller derby for many.

We look forward to cheering her and the Hollywood Scarlets on as they continue the fight for the Championship trophy, the Hydra, this September 16-18 in Vancouver, Canada. Watch them LIVE ONLINE at WWW.WFTDA.TV

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