Angel of the Month, September – Juana Teaze!

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Please give a pop pop for our September Angel of the Month, Juana Teaze! Juana joined Angel City in July 2012 and since then she has become an invaluable player on our Travel Team and an incredibly positive presence in the league. Described as a pillar of strength by her teammates, Juana’s hard work and dedication shines through both on and off the track. 


As a skater, Juana is known for her subtle but fierce blocking style that will take you out before you see her coming. Her patient persistence and commitment to the sport have made her into the superstar athlete she is today. 


Off skates, Juana has coached for the Road Ragers, the Shore Shots, and at Camp Scarlet. A member of the league’s Executive Leadership Panel, Juana also lends a hand whenever there is one in need to keep things running smoothly. Her contributions have also improved league functionality; she’s helped bring more fairness and representation to ACD’s tryout selection panel process. 


Above all, Juana is kind and loving. She supports her teammates not just at the warehouse but in the delivery room, too. Her empathy and generosity lift us all.


We see your hard work, Juana! Thank you so much for all you give to the league; we wouldn’t be the same without you.

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  1. Nancy Bryden - September 5, 2019 9:00 PM

    She’s quite a woman and champion for derby. I’m so proud of you, my lovely daughter, Juana aka Amanda. Love you forever!!!


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