Angel of the Month, September – Cheker!

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You know what they say; an angel has to earn her wings. Well, we are certain our September Angel of the Month has earned her wings, her halo and the love of Angel City! ACD’s September 2017 Angel of the Month is the angelic Cheker!
A proud Michigander, Cheker came to the City of Angels by way of Washington, D.C. In 2013, she left our Nation’s Capital and the D.C. Rollergirls and came west gleefully joining ACD upon arrival.

The epitome of a team player, Cheker has been working tirelessly with the Scarlets to prep for playoffs. Her hardworking attitude and kick-butt skills are only matched by her quick-wit and exceptional jokes, making her one of the most fun skaters to play hard hitting derby with.

Not one to bask in the limelight, Cheker has quietly impacted so many members of ACD. Her time as the coach of the Rocket Queens left so many of the skater’s feeling stronger and more confident about their game play. Cheker truly dedicated her time and keen eye for quality derby to each skater as an individual and as a cohesive team. Her honest, careful, constructive feedback and way of pinpointing small areas for vast improvement have easily contributed to the growth of the league.

Aside from Cheker’s relentless contribution to her team and the advancement of her follow skaters she has taken the maintenance of our beloved headquarters under her angel wings. Fixing, cleaning and fixing some more, Cheker keeps our home strong and standing. Not to mention the unbelievable, custom benches she designed and created for our warehouse. No more broken and wobbly chairs for us!

We can’t forget to thank Cheker for sharing her wife, Soledad, and their lovable puppy Pippa with the Angel City. This little family is the heart and soul of the ACD and we are so grateful for all of the time and energy you give to the league.
Thank you Cheker for your devoted dedication. We can truly check every box when it comes to the perfect teammate, coach and friend.

Don’t miss Cheker and the Scarlets on their quest for the Hydra! You can watch them this weekend at the WFTDA Playoffs in Seattle, WA. For more information visit or check out the action on

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