Angel of the Month October – Dafne Gokcen

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Our Angel of the Month for October 2015 is Road Ragers blocker, #416 Dafne Gokcen!

Dafne, originally a figure ice skating queen from Canada was spotted roller skating at Moonlight Rollerway and was quickly swooped up by the ACDG Recruitment Pegasus! Dafne officially joined ACDG April 14, 2014 and we’re so happy to have her skate with us!

With Dafne’s strong skating background, she quickly became a blocker for our Local Travel Team, The Road Ragers. Dafne is encouraging and supportive of her team mates! Dafne’s super positive about everything derby and skating related. She’s just a reliable teammate to have and she skates so gracefully.

Off the track, Dafne is involved in many things ACDG, she is head of our Mob Squad Department, assuring a strong ACDG presence is felt for some major community events such as LA Pride and was a co-head volunteer wrangler for our collaboration with the Culver City’s Fiesta La Ballona, also she recently began to be a trainer for our Juniors program. Never shy to backdown from volunteering, Dafne consistently volunteers at ACDG events.

We are very happy to have Dafne be such an amazing force in our league, on and off the track! Dafne’s a good sister because she’s always supportive and helpful to all skaters. And she never let’s a bad day get her down.

Be sure to catch Dafne in our upcoming 2016 season!

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