Angel of the Month November – Delilah Decider

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Perhaps her name sounds so much like “Delight” because that’s what she is: an absolute delight.

As a volunteer, Delilah Decider has been involved with ACDG since before she began training as a skater in August 2011, immediately showing her dedication to the league by throwing herself into every project and helping out at every bout with her whole heart.  Although she is currently out on injury leave with a broken ankle, she continues to attend every practice, works as a NSO with the help of her futuristic knee walker and does all of it with a smile.  She is always striving to improve, always encouraging others, always inspiring others.  Everywhere she goes, every challenge she has faced, she handles with a tireless spirit and a can-do attitude.  She works hard on her skates and off, setting an example for her sisters by being one of the best.  ACDG is better with her as a member!

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