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Angel of the Month, March – Schaden Freude!

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Angel City is often blessed with gifts from what a former leadership member called the ‘Transfer Gods.’ Sometimes, the Transfer Gods smile favorably upon us and send lovely individuals from all over the globe. This month, we celebrate one of those gifts. The Angel of the Month for March is Schaden Freude, originally from the Brighton Rockers in Brighton, England, and who joined ACDG on 10/24/2016. We certainly feel a bit of schadenfreude at Brighton’s loss and our gain!

 pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.

We affectionately call her Jana Banana, because she says no one says her derby name correctly! In the short time Jana has been with us, she’s made a big impression. Chiefly, she has taken on the monumental task of scheduling coaches and trainers for our complicated practice schedule. She also steps up to volunteer as an NSO for juniors’ scrimmages, and often takes the opportunity to participate in just about every league event or opportunity that pops up. She stepped up to help at the first New Recruits event of the year and plans to continue to help groom recruits by coaching off-skates at Fit Club on Tuesdays. As for her own skating? She was just drafted to the Shore Shots!

Jana is incredibly positive, humble, and hardworking. The amount of effort she has put in as a new skater is an inspiration to all members, and we feel so lucky to call her part of the Angel City family. You can see her play with the Shore Shots against Beach Cities Roller Derby at our Double Header on March 25 at the Culver City Veterans Auditorium. Tickets are available now!

Congratulations and thank you for all you do, Jana! We’re looking forward to a great season!

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