Angel of the Month March – QuadalateHer’s

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When you join roller derby you often don’t just make friends, you gain a family. Our Angel of the month for March 2016 is a real life family, the Quad family: Quadfather, RegulateHer and Lil RegulateHer.

Quad and Regs were a huge part in the creation of ACJD in 2015, lending their long experience with juniors programs to helping ACDG leadership form the foundation of our program. Their passion for coaching junior derby is apparent at every practice, and apparent in how they encourage each other and the girls.

On the track, Regs is a powerful pivot/blocker for our International B Team, The Rocket Queens. She came from a long-standing derby background, starting with West Coast Derby Knockouts in Ventura in 2008, then transferring to the LA Derby Dolls in 2010 to play banked track. RegulateHer or Regs, transferred with a force to ACDG in 12/2014. Off the track Regs is a trainer for Intermediate Skills and co-head coach for The A-Listers and Blockbusters our junior teams for ACJD.

Her daughter Lil RegulateHer (aka Lil Regs), joined our juniors program from the moment of its inception in May 2015. Lil Regs is a powerful player for ACJD. She is a truly a PBJ (Pivot/Blocker/Jammer) for The A-Listers. To top it all off, she is also one of the captains for the A-Listers.

Quad is the co-head coach for ACJD. When Quad isn’t coaching the future of roller derby, he is a trainer for Fit Club.

The entire Quad family is truly dedicated to ACDG and the sport of roller derby. Unless they are away at a tournament, they are at our warehouse 6 out of 7 days of the week either attending their own practice or leading a Juniors practice. They give over 100% on and off the track and we truly appreciate them for that.

Be sure to watch Lil Regs skate at our March 26th bout when the A-Listers take the San Diego Derby Dolls Dollinquents. You can catch the entire Quad Family at Tinseltown Throwdown April 15th -17th.

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  1. Liza Marie Rios - April 17, 2016 12:44 AM

    This is awesome. She’s been skating derby since she was 6. My kid whos 20 now, Sandra Deemolish, started at 11yrs old in 2007. I remember those littles at practices. I wanna see one about Monkey Mess next, PLEEEEEEEASE?????


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