Dr Lei smiles while looking at the camera.

Angel of the Month, March – Dr. Lei!

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College professor by day and roller derby superstar by night!

Lei blocks an opposing pivot, using her toe stops to stay on the track.

Photo by Tristan King

Imagining our teachers outside of the classroom usually does not include an intense, full contact sport like roller derby. But, our March Angel of the Month flips the usual teacher persona on its head and we are thrilled to honor such an incredible skater, Dr. Lei!

Dr. Lei is a member of the Road Ragers and has been skating with Angel City Derby since 2016. She is the embodiment of what it means to be a teammate and always works hard during practice and gives her all during games. A forceful blocker on the track, Lei is not afraid to put her jammer game face on and provide some relief to the jamming rotation. Lei is a true representation of what it means to be a team player and her positive, smiley and bright presence on and off the track is infectious and motivating.

Lei has set out to not only be a leader on the track but off the track as well. She spent countless hours preparing and writing grants for the league and our ACD Juniors were the recipients of the Arbonne grant due to Lei’s tireless efforts. Among many of Lei’s league jobs she also shares her talents as a Sports Psychology professor and has volunteered several hours to the league and our Travel Team to help us mentally prepare for the season and competitive gameplay before tournaments. And more recently, Lei has taken on the role Head of Competitive Play for the 2019 season.

What can’t Dr. Lei do? (we doubt we could find an answer to that question!)

Thank you, Lei, for all you do! From stellar teammate to role model league-mate, you do it all! We are truly appreciative of the work you do for the league, and of the player you have become on the track!

A group of skaters stand in front of a banner with the Angel City Derby logo.

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