Whiskey Von-Sweets

Angel of the Month, June – Whiskey Von-Sweets!

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That smile. That laugh. That totally legal hit to the back. Our Angel of the Month for June is #1031, Whiskey Von-Sweets!

Whiskey Von-Sweets has been shinning her infectious smile and go get ‘em attitude on the Angel City Derby track since November 2015 when she transferred from San Gabriel Valley Roller Derby & SoCal Renegades and we are so lucky to have her! Hard work, determination, kindness and a whole lot of moxie took Whiskey to rise through the ranks of Angel City. Formerly a beloved Shore Shot, Whiskey now skates for the Travel Team and recently showcased her strength and talent with the Rocket Queens at the Big O!

A true triple threat on the Angel City Derby Travel Team, Whiskey jams, blocks, pivots and is always up for the challenge of playing multiple roles and surprising opponents with her flexibility as a skater. Wonder if she can do all three at once? We know she can! And she’ll toss in an apex jump for good measure.

Dedicated to her league on and off the track, Whiskey is sharing her years of skating experience as a trainer for Angel City’s Fresh Meat program. Her insight and encouragement is invaluable to strengthening our league and our skaters and we can’t thank her enough!

As if Whiskey isn’t busy enough playing for the Travel Team and training new skaters, she is always there to lend a hand to a friend in need or fill an extra volunteer shift on bout day. Nothing puts a smile on her teammates face’s like when they hear her cheering wildly from across the track in her red and gold. She is such a big fan of our league and we are such big fans of her!

Raise a glass of whiskey and cheers to our Angel of the Month, the very sweet Whiskey Von-Sweets.

Do I feel a toothache?

Whiskey laughing

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