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Angel of the Month, June – Throttle Rocket!

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Throttle Rocket attentively watches a game, the Angel City Logo is behind her, out of focus.Angel City Derby’s June 2018 Angel of the Month is Throttle Rocket!

Not everyone involved in roller derby straps on skates, and Throttle Rocket is an important part of Angel City’s community in so many ways!

Throttle has been a member of ACD’s Parks & Recreation since 2015. She is a hard-working, dedicated, and precise Non-Skating Official. She fills roles such as Score Keeper, Lineup Tracker, Penalty Box Manager, Scoreboard Operator, and more! She officiated with Sacramento Roller Derby before coming to Angel City.Throttle Rocket is holding a clipboard

Throttle Rocket is originally from Denver and attended the University of Colorado, earning a degree in Digital Design. She runs her own digital design business, creating fun business cards, websites, and more! She shares this talent with Angel City as our current Lead Designer and Head of Creative. Her brilliant work has lead to this year’s incredible new merchandise and our stellar 2018 season graphic style. Throttle is also responsible for the amazing and inclusive design for ACD’s 2018 PRIDE campaign. She is heavily involved in our brand development and updates, and has so many ideas up her sleeve that are in the works behind the scenes, we can’t wait to unleash them on the world!

Throttle Rocket with a cat on her shoulderThrottle Rocket has two cats named Max and Ares that she adores. They even have their own Instagram @thebeanandthepotato (Is Max the potato or the bean? Hmmmm.) She and her husband, Pocket Rocket who is also an NSO, are heavily active in the LA branch of the Democratic Socialists of America. They are huge supporters of feminism and equal rights, Throttle Rocket even ties her career in digital design with this passion; every year she creates special illustrations for each and every day of Women’s history month, featuring historical female figures.

Thank you Throttle Rocket for being such an amazing NSO, Creative Head, and league member. We appreciate you sharing your many talents with Angel City! Mark your calendars to see Throttle Rocket on the job at our next home game, August 11 at the Culver City Veterans Auditorium. Information and Tickets coming soon!

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  1. Annie - June 2, 2018 4:34 AM

    Throttle’s mom is proud of her!


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