Angel of the Month June – Brewski Banner

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Brewski Banner joined ACDG in January 2014 and we are extremely happy she did!  On the track, Brewski is a BEAST of a jammer for our Regional Travel Team, the Shore Shots. Brewski’s physical and mental abilities on the track have grown in a HULK SIZE manner this year!

Off the track, Brewski is head of our Sponsorship Committee and has done a KILLER job as Committee Head securing last season’s best sponsors and helping us gain some amazing new partnerships! Brewski makes sure all our sponsors are properly taken care of as they are vital to our organization.

Brewski uses her good heart on and off the track and shines a light on everything she does in ACDG. She’s a source of positivity and reinforcement. With Brewski’s fierce and positive presence at practice and games coupled with her drive and energy, it is no wonder she’s inspiring to watch and be in her presence!

You can watch Brewski and the Shore Shots take on The Firing Squad (Texas) and The Contenders (Rocky Mountain) during PAC Destruction on June 12th. These exclusive games are at our warehouse, so you must enter the ticket lottery to attend, but we promise it’s worth it!

Thank you for all you do, Brewski!

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  1. Aunt Fara - June 4, 2015 1:22 AM

    super proud of you Melissa!!!


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