Spock N Roller

Angel of the Month, July – Spock N Roll!

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Derby: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Angel City. Its ten-year mission: to explore strange new leagues, to seek out strength and friendship, to boldly go where no jammer has gone before.
Angel City Derby’s July 2017 Angel of the Month has taken on this mission wholeheartedly. Spock N Roll joined Angel City in April of 2013 as Fresh Meat. This homegrown derby skater worked tirelessly on her skills and is currently one of the jammers for the feisty Road Ragers. Spock always keeps a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Win or lose, you can see the love Spock has for our sport every time she takes the track. While many jammers have a look of sheer terror and preservation, Spock smiles, grins and pushes her way into our hearts with every determined jam.

Spock is a member of the Marketing and Communications pillar and works on our Creative Team. Many of the promotional flyers and posters that you see from Angel City have been created by Spock. She single-handedly created our amazing PRIDE campaign and works hard to maintain our branding and create our marketing materials. Spock volunteers for all events and always gives a helping hand to keep our league events running smoothly.

Spock N Roll can always be counted on for a positive outlook, a word of encouragement and a quirky smile. When she isn’t juking her way through the pack with her fancy footwork, she can be found at Comic Con, cosplaying with the best of them. We celebrate our Angel of the Month and wish her to “live long and prosper!”

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