Angel of the Month, January – Lo Betancourt!

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Satan and Lo

Angel City Derby is kicking off the year with a bang! Our January 2018 Angel of the Month is Lo Betancourt. Lo officially joined ACD via ACJD as a junior May 2015 and then aged out to skate with the adults in August 2015.

Lo is our first junior skater to have aged out from ACJD to adults ACD. When Lo skated with ACJD she skated with our top female division JRDA charter team, the A-Listers. While skating with the A-Listers, they qualified to compete in JRDA’s Championship tournament, which is the highest level of roller derby play for all skaters under 18 years old.

All her high derby level competitive seasoning while in ACJD paid off as when Lo aged out, all her experience quickly had her skating as a blocker for ACD’s WFTDA #4 ranked team, The Hollywood Scarlets. Since joining the Scarlets she has consistently been part of our amazing blockers that shut opponents jammers down, dealing out fear-inducing hits on the regular.

Lo has been skating most of her life. Although she now skates on 8 wheels, her love for competitive skating actually started on the ice as a figure skater. The fundamentals she learned as a competitive figure ice skater were great building blocks for when she started skating derby and later coaching derby, whether it is coaching ACJD’s teams or ACD’s local travel team, The Road Ragers. As a trainer Lo, not only helps skaters with the physical skills but also helps prepare them for the mental aspect of derby which is the hardest part of the game.

Lo recently stepped into the role of Head Coach of the Juniors in August this past year. She’s incredibly dedicated and has put her whole heart into coaching.
She’s a fantastic coach and role model. She knows her skaters and each of their abilities and talents. She is able to use her experiences as a junior and competitive adult skater to nurture and provide support to the girls in ways that most coaches cannot, because she has been through it all. She understands how to get the best out of them. They love and respect her, she makes practices fun, but also pushes them to be their best!

With everything Lo does for our league on and off the track, she also helps spread body positiveness so much so that she is a model for one of our sponsors, Superfit Hero. As a model she is amazing and her eyebrows are always in point.

Be sure to watch Lo skate with The Hollywood Scarlets during our 2018 season.

If you know any skaters under 18 years old that would love to play roller derby, please feel free to contact Lo at

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