Coco ButtHer looks directly at the camera. She is wearing her red uniform and holder her Shore Shots helmet under her arm.

Angel of the Month, January – Coco ButtHer!

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Some superheroes swing lassos, others wear gauntlets and some toss batarangs. But, those weapon wielding characters don’t hold a flame to our January superhero and Angel of the Month Coco ButtHer. A pair of roller skates on her feet and a fierce fire in her heart is all she needs to defeat her opponents making her the ultimate teammate and league hero.

Coco points up and to the right as she skates.

Photo by Carl Grooms

December 16, 2015 is the day we welcomed this awe-inspiring member to the league and she has been making incredible strides for growth, progress and excellence in game play ever since.

Coco’s team pride is infectious. A high rotation blocker on the Shore Shots her loyalty to her teammates is resolute. As a former captain, Coco continues to be a natural leader and motivator on and off the track helping navigate the sea’s and sailing the Shots into the sunset of success.

Coco leads a line of skaters high-fiving the crowd after a game.

Photo by Carl Grooms

Aside from her contribution to her skating sailors, Coco has also served an impactful partial term on leadership as Marketing Pillar Head and is currently taking on the role of Head of Social Media. Coco has brought our league’s diversity to life and seeks to represent the people in our community. She works hard to connect with our Diversity and Inclusion Committee to represent important cultural days and observances that represent our membership. She has been integral in conceptualizing and developing awareness campaigns like Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Just Be pride campaign, Latinx Heritage Campaign, Indigenous Peoples Day, and more.

Coco’s talents and dedication are inspiring. She is a voice for representation and accountability, constantly asking our league to do better, be more thoughtful, and more proactive. Because of her contributions, we are growing every day.

As we ramp up for the 2019 season, be sure to keep an eye out for Coco as she dominates the track. And next time you’re on twitter, give her a shout out!

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  1. Kat - January 8, 2019 12:20 PM

    The beautiful Ms Coco!!! Stay strong!


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